sun light passing through green leafed tree
sun light passing through green leafed tree


Ignite your inner fire,

Experience life in it's highest expansion

At Expansive Energy Exchange, Momo Moon OFFERS a range of transformative services to help you tap into your inner energy to achieve balance and healing. Book a Reiki session, engage with energy directION, receive a tarot reading, or experience the profound effects of quantum healing. tune into the podcast to tap in and expand.

connect with your unique magnetism.

Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.-Ikkyu

Just as uniquely as each human is birthed onto this planet, the path to purpose, passion, and fulfillment is your own to be crafted and created. I am here to help build your personal path journey. Science is now catching up to thousands of years of what ancients knew, the soul understands Meditation and it's many benefits. For example, being in theta and delta brainwave states during meditation builds new neurons and cleanses neural pathways, it unlocks DNA potentiality and even increases your lifespan. Embarking on ENERGY DIRECTION with us, We help facilitate your heart and your brain to coming into alignment. Once you have made commitment to a meditation practice you will begin to experience your own gateway to source. YOU will do this work(LOVE), you were created for it. A commitment to connection with source is your birthright, claim your superpower!