Nature of Readings

All information discussed during a reading is confidential. If you choose to discuss the content of the reading with 3rd parties, This is done so at your own free will.

All bookings made for private readings are done so with the understanding that you have read and agree to all the details I this agreement. You as the client have entered into this contract of your own free will. By completing the payment, You affirm the preceeding.


Intuitive Reading Agreement

Tarot, Oracle Card, Intuitive and Akashic Records reading are not based on any scientific findings.Therefore, In order to adhere to current legal legislation it should be pointed out that they are to be deemed for entertainment purposes only.

Readings are based on the Reader's interpretation of the cards drawn or information given.

Information discussed during a reading is to be understood as a guidance only. Any actions you take because of this information will be entirely due to your own choice and is solely your own personal responsibility. if subject matter addresses any legal, medical, financial or business affairs, it is in your responsibility to seek advice from professionals within these fields prior to talking any action. Any action taken is your own personal responsibility.

For legal reasons, readings will not be offered to anyone under the age of 18

Ceasing the Reading

If for any reason you feel vulnerable or have any known psychological issues, it is your responsibility to disclose this information to the practitioner as to whether to proceed with the reading.

All readings are non-refundable.