About Momo Moon

Hello lovers and darlings!

My name is Momo Moon, I am a Reiki Practitioner, Energy Director, and Quantum Hypnotist. I specialize in assisting your deep dives into your full surrender offering highly vibrational services to help navigate life and achieve your purposeful goals.

Thank you for saying hello!

Raised in the heart of Texas, my journey to source began at a very young age seeking God on the wooden pews of the CHURCH OF GOD. I went on from devout Christianhood to being a touring Christian singer and using my VOICE, visiting different Christian churches on the daily. My varied exploration with all the denominations and EXPOSURE to the sermons of separatist “religions” and churches allowed my expression to develop a very Unified ideal of what I believed Christ consciousness “wanted”. Although much has changed since those days of reading the Bible front to back as a fun challenge, I have continually been guided by my ancestors who come from a lineage of hands-on healers. I became certified in Reiki, Quantum Healing, and Akashic reading to fufill my purpose of redefining social norms and igniting inner magnetism in everyone I work with. Helping people accomplish their dreams and desires.

By using my seekers heart and utilizing gifts of being an intuitive channel I am able to be of service to every unique human I am lucky enough to encounter.

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